Take the Plunge

Can’t swim? Join the club! So many adults in the UK are learning to swim and enjoying a whole new world in the water.

Of all the life skills worth learning, swimming is right up there. Not only could it save your life, but being confident in the water could also unlock a world of careers in the police, the military, air travel and more. 

And you’ll be surprised how easy and fun it is once you get started. From surfing and canoeing to diving and water skiing, just think of all the new water sports you could take part in. It’s fantastic for your physical and mental wellbeing too.


So what can you expect?

For starters, our adult swimming sessions are run in small groups, giving you the headspace you need to learn. Sessions are run by professional, fully-clothed instructors, trained to gently guide you and build your confidence.

At Better, we offer small mixed groups, women-only groups, and one-to-one sessions for beginners to suit your learning style.

Time to test the water?

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