7-A-Side 2G Astroturf Pitch

Our 2G Astro Turf pitch at Talacre Community Sports Centre is available for 7-A-Side football hire.You can either hire the space for your weekly kick-about with friends or for a one off occasion.  The pitch is well lit with floodlights, so evening sessions can go on without a hitch.



There are a huge range of fantastic football activities available that promote teamwork, build friendships and teach new skills via our comprehensive and inclusive football programme. From junior football training through to walking football, Better has everything you need to keep active and entertained - all at an affordable price. 

The benefits of football

Not only is football a great game to watch, but you'll also benefit from training and playing regularly. From kids to adults, here are some reasons why having a kickabout will help your score a health hattrick:  

  • Improves your heart health and lowers blood pressure - as long as you keep moving throughout the game, you'll be getting your blood pumping and contributing to your overall heart health
  • Build strength, speed and stamina - remember, you're using power and strength to get the ball in the back of the net, tackling an opponent or to your teammate
  • Training your brain - what's your next move? How can you get the ball forward? All these tactics need to be worked out
  • Reducing body fat - as football is a cardio exercise, you'll be using up calories and burning fat
  • Increase muscle mass and body strength - football involves running and sprinting, which helps build muscle and power in your legs