Step up your fitness level with us. Our gym is the right place to workout and train yourself to maximum results.

3 floors and over 100 stations are available at Highgrove Pool and Fitness Centre.

All the equipment is supplied by the certified Technogym, the top brand in fitness and wellness.

We also have wattbikes and powerplates to maximise your results.

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Our advanced equipment can let you achieve incredible results for your cardiovascular fitness. Over 40 machine will let you exercise in the best way possible.

Our equipment includes:

  • Treadmill

  • Rower

  • Crosstrainer

  • Upright Bike

  • Seated bike

  • Top bike

  • Wattbike

  • Power Plate





Our gym includes the top of the resistance equipment. Every machine is positioned accurately and exercises every part of your body at high intensity. From your lower back, to your abs, from upper body to lower body our gym has never been so tailroed to your needs.

A small functional area is also located on this floor in order to work your body alongside defining it easily.


As important as the other areas of our gym, the free weights areas is designed for all the gym users. It is equipped with everything you need to maximise your workout.

You will find:

  • 2 squat rack

  • 2 bench press

  • 6 Pure Stregth (Shoulders, Pects Arms and Legs)

  • Dumbells (From 4 to 42kg) with 6 benches

  • over 300kg of weight plates

  • 2 Physical Bars

  • 5 straight bars

  • A deadlift area

  • and much more

there is also a functional area with Cardio equipment that suits everyone needs.

And if it is not enough, you can use our punching bags in the studio whenever is free*.

If you are unsure on how to use a specific equipment or you need asisstance or someone that needs to spot you in some exercises, our Fitness Instructors are here to help.

*Check our timetable for more information on studio availability.