Pilates Workouts

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Gently train your physique and improve core strength in a calming, low-intensity atmosphere. Pilates exercises focus on concentration and muscle control, transitioning smoothly between one another to build a revived and resilient you.

The Health Benefits of Pilates

A gentle way to get fit and a path to better posture; burn up to 165 calories per hour in a Pilates workout – or torch double that amount in our heated sessions.

Give a Pilates class a try and feel all the Better for it!

  • Lengthen and strengthen your core
  • Develop greater muscle control
  • Strengthen all major muscle groups
  • Improve concentration and peace of mind
  • Develop posture and align your body
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Our Pilates Classes

Pilates is a wonderfully flexible approach to boosting body and mind fitness. We have a variety of classes on offer, suitable for a range of fitness levels and goals.


Focus the mind and control the body with Better Pilates classes. We’ll guide you through routines deftly designed to correct and improve your posture, build core strength and encourage peace of mind.

Approximate calories burned per hour: 165

Hot Pilates

Take your Pilates workout to the next level and burn twice the calories with a Hot Pilates class. These group sessions are led by a qualified instructor and take place in a heated environment that encourages perspiration, promotes muscle flexibility, and kicks your immune system into gear.

Approximate calories burned per hour: 375


What to Bring

Move comfortably in your Pilates class by wearing lightweight clothing that lets you twist, stretch and roll down freely. You’ll want to keep a towel handy if you’re participating in Hot Pilates, and please bring a bottle of water to class with you – you can fill this up for free around the centre. For everything else, including mats and equipment, we’ve got you covered


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Pilates Classes Near Me

Practise Pilates at a centre near you. Search below for Better centres in your area and find your local Pilates classes.

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