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Power Pump

Best for: Total body conditioning and strength

Take your workout to new levels with a Power Pump class by Better.

Power Pump is a resistance-based strength workout that targets your whole body. These high-intensity fitness classes will have you doing a range exercises to get different muscle groups working, especially your arms and core, and strengthen your body as you go.

Using a combination of barbells and bodyweight, our Power Pump fitness classes deliver an intense workout that’ll help you achieve your fitness goals. Feel the burn in your biceps and the tension in your core as you get stronger each time.

If you want to burn body fat while building muscle at the same time in a short space of time, give this weights-based class a go today. 

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Our Power Pump Classes

From beginner-friendly groups to intense bootcamp-style sessions, we have a range of body Power Pump fitness classes to suit everyone.

Power Pump

Level: All abilities | Duration: 60 mins
Get your body moving with this fun fitness class. Mixing high-energy routines with motivating music, this body pump class will help you tone and condition your whole body. Up the resistance with light weights and feel yourself getting stronger through this total body workout.

Power Pump Basics

Level: Beginners | Duration: 60 mins
Power Pump Basics is an ideal class for beginners, older adults and anyone looking to build confidence. Enjoy the same high-energy routines with weights but with simpler movements and at a lower intensity for a full-body blast that puts you on the fast track to fitness.

What are the Benefits of Power Pump classes?

Here are some benefits of our full body Power Pump classes. Here are some benefits of our full body Power Pump classes.

  • They help you build muscles – using a mix of bodyweight and barbells, these classes will work every muscle group in your body and help you build up your strength from class to class.
  • They’re for everyone – with sessions structures so that you can work to your own limits, our body Power Pump classes are perfect for every fitness and ability level.
  • They’re fun - one of the best benefits of this class is the fact that it’s designed to be fun. The music and variety of exercises makes the workout enjoyable and keep you motivated through the class. 

Wondering what to expect from our Power Pump classes? Take a look at Better Members working through a pump class and building their strength:

Power Pump FAQs

What to Bring To a Power Pump Class?

Our Power Pump classes are intense and energetic, so it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

All of the weights equipment will be provided for you, but we do ask you bring your own towel with you as these classes will definitely have you breaking a sweat!

What should I wear for a Power Pump class?

Our Power Pump classes will have you moving and sweating throughout the class so we recommend wearing suitable sports clothes and footwear.

Are body pump classes good for seniors?

Because you can use whichever weight of barbell you like, our Power Pump classes are great for older adults (50+). Our Power Pump Basics classes also feature simple, low-intensity movement options, ideal for seniors looking to improve their fitness.
Our instructors are also more than happy to help you find modifications if you have health considerations such as an injury or pregnancy.

How do I book a Power Pump class near me?

Bookings for our Power Pump classes can be made via the Better UK app or through our website. Not all our centres offer fitness class, so check your local centre’s website or ask a member of staff.

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