Vertigo is a fun packed, exhilarating experience at Eldon Leisure, new for 2015.  Featuring 19 climbing towers, Vertigo will appeal to families and friends of all ages from aged four years and above.  Sessions start on the hour and last for 90 minutes, which includes a compulsory briefing and all climbers being kitted up for their climb, then 60 minutes of climbing.

  • No experience required
  • Challenge a friend
  • Perfect for parties
  • School groups welcome
  • Fun for age four years and above
  • Great for private groups and corporate events

Open every day, please check our opening times for last session.  Open during school holidays. Please check for Bank Holiday opening times.  Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible person aged 16 or over.

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Party Package - only £15.00 per child

What's included:

  • 90 minutes in Vertigo and 30 minutes in our party food area; minimum of 10 children
  • Choice of party food
  • Unlimited cordial juice during your party
  • Free session voucher for the birthday child (choose from one free entry for Jungle Jack's, one free game of bowling or one free session in Vertigo adventure climbing).


  • Welcome to Vertigo Adventure Climbing. This safety video provides all the information you need to have a safe and enjoyable time climbing with us. Following the video you be able to ask questions about anything you are unsure about.
  • For everyone’s safety and to ensure your experience is the best possible, we ask that you follow our rules carefully. Anyone who we feel is jeopardising safety for themselves and others may be asked to leave the climbing arena.
  • To avoid items being caught on our climbing walls, please store any personal belongings and jewellery in one of the secure lockers shown to you on entry to the arena. If you cannot remove your rings please inform the instructor prior to climbing and they will help tape them up.  Any long hair should be tied back to prevent entanglement in our auto belay system.
  • For your safety, the taking of photos is only permitted from the spectator area. Please store any cameras or phones with your personal belongings.
  • With your personal belongings safely stored away, please hand your locker key to either a member of your party who isn’t climbing or to an instructor when entering the arena. You will be required to sign the key in and out.
  • To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, please pay attention to the following rules:
  • To avoid damage or marking, we don’t allow climbing shoes on our walls. We ask that you check that your shoes are clean as anyone with dirty footwear will not be permitted to climb on the walls. For your safety, please ensure that training shoes are worn which should be tied, loose laces tucked away and loose clothing, which could get trapped, is also removed.
  • As the consumption of food and drink is only permitted in the spectating area, please notify a member of staff if you need to leave the arena for a snack or beverage.
  • Anyone we suspect has consumed alcohol will not be permitted in the arena
  • Please don’t run in the arena and walk when moving around.
  • Should you require the toilet during your climbing session, please notify a member of staff who will help remove your harness and let you out the arena. Do not visit the toilet in your harness. On your return alert a member of staff who will let you back in.
  • In the event of a fire alarm please follow the instructions of staff in the arena. If you are climbing, you will be asked to come down, be unclipped and directed to the nearest fire exit. Upon leaving the arena, follow instructions and please do not run.
  • Once in the arena please make your way to the wall you wish to climb. At the bottom of each wall you will see a mat which the belay line is attached to. When this is in the upright position it means that there is nobody climbing on that wall so it is ready to be climbed. Stand by this mat and put your hand in the air. A member of staff will be with you as quickly as possible to get you clipped on. If you approach a wall and the mat is on the floor this means that someone is climbing above. Never stand on a mat that is on the floor unless it is you who is clipped on to that wall.
  • Please remember, The most important rule in the arena is do not climb on any of the walls or features without being clipped to the auto belay line.
  • Ok so you are now ready to climb. Don’t feel you have to climb to the top of everything, only go as high as you feel comfortable with. It can be a strange feeling at first putting your faith in the auto belay system but having climbed a few walls, your confidence will grow.
  • When you are ready to come down you must hold on to the belay line here where it is blue. Find this with one hand first. When ready, lean back slightly, move your other hand onto the belay line and push away from the wall with your feet. You will slowly be lowered to the ground. On your way down keep pushing off with your feet but try not to bounce too far from the wall so you don’t collide with those around you. When you are ready to move on to another wall, put your hand in the air and a member of staff will come and unclip you
  • When climbing the Step Tower you must wear a helmet. Ask one of our instructors to help one for you. With your helmet on and clips in place, make your way up the poles towards the highest one. You don’t have to get to the top but it is very important that you always step off into the middle of the poles like this. Please do not jump off as this may cause you to knock into the poles. When coming down, use your hands and feet to avoid colliding with the poles. Finally, you should not walk in between the poles into the landing area, always walk round this area
  • 10 minutes before the end of your climbing session a member of the team will shout ‘Final Climb’. This means you will have time for one last wall before your time is up.
  • Once you have had your final climb and have been unclipped, make your way to the gate where the staff will help with your harness, before you leave the arena.
  • So it is nearly time to climb but please remember the following things –
  • Don’t stand on the mats if they are laid on the floor
  • Do not run in the arena
  • Remove all jewellery and loose clothing
  • Never climb without being clipped.
  • We hope you have a fantastic time and would love you to give us any feedback on our Facebook and Twitter page, customer feedback cards or on Trip Advisor.
  • Don’t forget our onsite cafés serve a wonderful range of snacks, hot and cold meals and a great selection of drinks, plus Vertigo, Eldon Bowl and Jungle Jack’s Adventure Soft Play are fantastic venues when you are booking your next party!
  • Disclaimer: Participants need to be aware that climbing is a potentially dangerous activity which involves the risk of personal injury and in extreme cases even death. Participants taking part in climbing activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their actions and involvement.
  • Thank you for reading


Better, Eldon Leisure Centre continues to see more people attending our Autism friendly soft play and Vertigo climbing sessions and to help make the journey to and around the centre more enjoyable, we have put together a social guide so you know what to expect before you arrive.

Social stories are used to help autistic & SEN people prepare to go somewhere. Going to a new place can be quite overwhelming, with new noises, bright lights and changes to their normal routine.

Parents use the guide to show to their child exactly what to expect, with photographs and descriptions about the journey they can go through together in the week leading to the trip out. If they know what to expect then this makes leaving the house to go somewhere new a lot easier.

Download a copy of our guide below for more information.