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Disconnect the screens and consoles and plug your kids into a new life skill at Better.

With dozens of lessons and courses available, we’ve got something to inspire everyone. 

Did you know team sports are great for building confidence and self-esteem? Free play is perfect for developing imagination and independence. And there’s no denying the life-saving benefit of swimming.

Whichever route they choose, you can be sure the skills they learn at Better will set them up for the real world.


Is your child interested in gymnastics? Gymnastics will help to improve your child's agility, balance, coordination and more, all in a warm and welcoming environment. Our Gymnastic courses are led by qualified instructors and available at a variety of Better Leisure Centres nationwide.  

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Swim School

Build your child's confidence while having fun at Better's Swim School. We offer lessons and courses that are affordable and flexible, so every child can learn this essential life skill. The Better Swim School is available at over 100 locations nationwide. Why not book your child onto a swimming lesson or course today?

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Tennis Lessons

Better are the fastest growing tennis lessons provider in the UK for children aged between 3 and 18. Tennis will improve your child's hand-eye coordination skills and get your child active while having fun. Why not book your child onto tennis lessons or a course today?

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Football Lessons

Book your child onto a football course today with Better. Football training helps to improve your child's agility, balance and confidence, not to mention make friends and have fun. Power up their life skills by signing up for a football lesson. 

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More Lessons and Courses on offer at Better

Dive into a lesson or course programme at Better. Book your child a place today thanks to a wide range of activities available. Choose from the mentioned courses above or pick from the list below:

All our courses are staffed by quality coaches and are flexible enough to allow your children to join at any time and work at their own pace.

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