Swimming Pools and Sessions

Swimming’s a great way to have fun and get healthy, whatever your age or level of ability. With Better, you’ll have access to hundreds of pools across the country, as well as dedicated swimming clubs, parent-and-child swim sessions and more. Which means that when it comes to developing your skills, teaching your child, holding a party or just having fun, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.

If you’re honing your swimming technique, or introducing your little one to the pool, you’re in great hands. We’re one of the UK’s largest providers of swimming lessons and courses, with expert guidance from qualified swimming instructors. We also work closely with the Amateur Swimming Association to provide swimming lessons for both adults and children, from three months and upwards. What’s more, with fun-filled Aqua Splash and Extreme Aqua Splash in the pool, we’ve got birthdays all wrapped up, too.

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Escape the chaos and learn to #LoveSwimming

Swimming is a great way to escape the craziness that life can bring, and is much more than just another activity that can help you stay physically fit, as studies have shown swimming is also a great way to keep your mind healthy too. 

Mental health is fast becoming a topic that we as a society speak more openly about, a very welcome change to it being a taboo subject that is no longer as stigmatised as it once was.  Given recent studies have shown that 1 in 4 British adults experience a mental health problem each year, with women twice as likely to suffer from anxiety than men, we have partnered with Swim England to raise awareness of this, and to provide some helpful tips and information that will hopefully help those experiencing anxiety or depression, ease their symptoms so they can lead a happier, healthier life.

Swimming can help.  Over 3m British adults with mental health issues swim regularly with 1.3m adults believing that swimming has significantly decreased their symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.  There has also been a reduction in the amount of those taking medication, with 490,000 people confirming swimming has enabled them to cut down or stop taking medication to help them with their mental health.

So give it a go.  Escape your day to day, take some ‘me time’ and see if swimming works for you.  We hope in no time you’ll #LoveSwimming.



Pre Cleanse
Please help us to keep your pool clean by following our
Swim Hygiene guidelines by showering and using the toilet
facilities before you swim.
People of different standards and abilities will use the pool. Please
respect their right to enjoy their swim.
Choose your lane using the fast, medium and slow signs and by
watching those already swimming. Before pushing off at each
turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching.
Please follow the directional signs and move across to the
appropriate side of the lane for each length.
Try and leave at least 5 metres between yourself and another
swimmer and if it’s possible to see a pace clock, then a 5 second
gap is just as good.
Wide stokes such as butterfly and breaststroke should be avoided
when the lanes become busy. If you change to a slower stroke as
part of your session, think about moving lanes.
Fitness swimming training equipment, such as fins and hand
paddles, is permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard and based
on capacity. Snorkels can be used in conjunction with conventional
swimming goggles.
Whether stopping for a rest or catching your breath after
completing your swim, please be mindful that others using the
lane will want to keep on swimming without stopping
Celebrate your achievements and share your swimming stories
with us on social media using #betterswimming, we’d love to hear them!


Better Swimming Pools Near Me

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Swim for Fun

At Better, we believe that swimming should be fun and exciting for all the family. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of fun swim sessions at any of the local swimming pools. From Under-5s sessions and Aqua Splash to water slides and Extreme Aqua Splash*, there’s something to make swimming fun for kids of all ages – and mum and dad too.

With lots of holiday activities, special offers and off-peak and concessionary prices, there’s never been a better time to head to your local swimming pool and take a dip. If you’re looking for something a little different, you’ll also find loads of exciting multi-aquatic activities, like diving, snorkelling and water polo.

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Swim for Fitness

If you’re looking for a low-impact way to get fit and healthy, swimming could be the perfect choice. And whatever your fitness levels, age or level of ability, you’re sure to find a session for you at your local Better pool.

Our Swim for Fitness sessions take place in slow, medium and fast lanes, so you can take things at your own pace. And if you’re looking for tips and extra motivation, our qualified coaches are on hand to discuss your training and technique.




Our new Fitness swimming ambassador

Keri-anne Payne announced as our new Adult Fitness Swimming Ambassador

We are very pleased to announce Keri-Anne Payne, Olympic silver medallist and two time world 10 km open water swimming champion, will become our new Ambassador for Adult Fitness Swimming.  

Keri-Anne, who won a silver medal in the gruelling 10km swim at Beijing in 2008, will be encouraging as many adults as possible to participate in swimming by helping them understand the benefits of swimming as an exercise to improve fitness.  Keri-Anne will share her knowledge and experience with Better Swimmers with the development of fitness programmes and the delivery of informative masterclasses.

Following the announcement, Keri-Anne expressed her enthusiasm for her new role -

'I'm a passionate advocate of swimming for fitness and wellbeing, it's an exciting and rewarding sport that people of any age and any ability can enjoy and should join in with. I know there are a huge range of people who take part for many different reasons, whether it’s to get fitter, complete a personal challenge, or work towards a swimming event. I'm hoping we can encourage even more people to get involved and experience the joy of using swimming as a tool for fitness themselves'.





Better Swim School

Swimming is a vital life skill that everyone should have, whatever their age. And whether you’ve never been swimming before, or you’d just like to improve your technique, Better offers swimming lessons for all ages and abilities, at affordable prices.

Our Swim School is the largest provider or swimming lessons across the UK, helping over 100,000 people across the UK learn to love the water. We work with National Governing Bodies to deliver our lessons and courses, which means all our teachers are professional, passionate and pupil-focused. Our experienced, qualified teachers follow the Amateur Swimming Association's National Learn to Swim Teaching Plan, so you’ll be in safe hands in the water.

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Specialist Swimming Sessions

At Better we want swimming to be accessible by everyone so we have a number of specialist sessions including:

  • Women only
  • Men only
  • Disability 
  • Under 5s
  • Seniors (age groups differ by location, please check your local centre) 

For more infomation see the pool timetable for your centre.

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Swimming Membership

Whilst you can visit any of our pools on a pay & play basis, if you swim regularly one of our affordable memberships might be better value. Click here to see our wide range of memberships, or ask a member of staff on your next visit. 

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Help Us Keep Your Pool Clean

  • Shower thoroughly from ‘top to toe’ with soap before entering the pool to remove deodorant, cosmetics and perspiration
  • Use the toilet facilities before your swim and remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap
  • Babies should wear tight-fitting waterproof baby trunks whilst swimming rather than nappies
  • Please dispose of nappies, trunks and sanitary products in the bins provided
  • Do not swim if you have consumed a meal within the last two hours
  • Never swim if you have consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs
  • Do not swim if you are currently suffering from a cold or flu
  • Do not swim if you have suffered from food poisoning or diarrhoea within the last 14 days

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