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Date posted 12 Oct 2021

We are excited to announce that we will be running a 100k in 100 days winter challenge at Charlton Lido & Lifestyle Club, the very first of its kind!

To register for the challenge, please visit our reception desk at the club.

Please note that the spaces available are very limited, so please ensure you book your space today to avoid dissappointment.

 The Q&A list below has been created to provide you with further details on the challenge, but if you have further questions, do not hesitate contacting us either on charltonlido@gll.org or by visiting our reception desk.


100k in 100 days - Q&A

What is the 100k in 100 days challenge?

The challenge is to complete 100km of swimming in 100 days

Who can join the 100 in 100 challenge?

Anyone aged 14+ can enter the challenge.

What information do we require from the participants?

Membership number & Full name

What if the customer does not have time to return to reception to log their swim?

If customers are in a rush, we can accept emails with proof of the distance/date/location of the swim.

How do we count the distance swum?

We ask that participants use their own device to record distance (e.g smart watch or Fitbit ). If the customer does not have a smart watch, we trust them to count their lengths and inform us.

Does the full 100k has to be swum at Charlton lido?

Yes, the entire 100k has to be completed at Charlton Lido

What is the cost?

£20 which will include entry to the challenge, swim hat, towel, bag, drinks bottle plus a medal

What happens when the distance has been completed for each participant?

All customers who finish the challenge will be given a medal once the challenge closes

Do the participants still need to book in for their swimming session?

Yes, all participants need to pre-book their swimming slot as usual

What measurement should the distance be recorded in?

Distance should be recorded in metres


kind regards,

The Charlton lido & Lifestyle Team