Date posted 20 Oct 2023

In 2020, the Elfrida Society, a beacon of support and empowerment for the learning disabilities community, discovered the fantastic and accessible indoor tennis courts at Islington Tennis Centre and Gym. 

The partnership formed 3 years ago after Sportswork introduced the Elfrida Society to the centre.  Within this partnership, two activities take centre stage: tennis and fitness. These activities are thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique abilities of the group, including wheelchair users and people with other physical disabilities and long-term health conditions, ensuring that everyone can participate and have fun. Laughter echoes across the court as the group comes together, forging friendships and memories.

The overarching aim is to enhance the lives of individuals with learning disabilities and/or autism or learning difficulties. By engaging in fun-filled sports and physical activities, the Elfrida Society, SportWorks and Islington Tennis Centre & Gym aim to cultivate happiness, health, and a profound sense of belonging within the community.  Each session is carefully tailored to achieve specific outcomes for the participants, encompassing their health and wellbeing, skills and confidence, and social development.

In terms of health and wellbeing, the sessions focus on improving general mobility and fitness. The participants report that the sessions have had a positive impact on their mental health.  Social networks and friendships have been formed, helping to reduce social isolation.    The team-working environment becomes an opportunity for growth, nurturing communication skills and fostering their ability to follow instructions.  Coaching skills are developed, empowering participants to become champions within their community.

The partnership between The Elfrida Society, SporkWorks and Islington Tennis Centre & Gym is a testament to the power of collaboration and a shared vision. Through this partnership, barriers are shattered, and the beauty of partnership working is celebrated with every swing of a tennis racket and every burst of laughter.

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