We are delighted to announce the launch the firstĀ Islington Tennis Centre & Gym monthly newsletter. Featuring news from around the centre, including news on courses, stories about players and coaches the first newsletter covered October and focussed on the tennis side of the business.

November's newsletter will be expanded and double sided to include news and stories about the health and fitness side of the business on the other side and will be a further chance to talk anbout what goes on at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym.

You can download October's Newsletter by clicking on the orange attachment link below.

Has your child just competed at a tournament? Do you want to nominate one of our staff members for a feature in next month's newsletter?

If you have anything you think could be featured in next month's newsletter email Joachim on joachim.treasurer@gll.org.

Happy reading.

Islington Tennis Centre & Gym