Date posted 01 Sep 2023

Here at Market Road Football Pitches we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment.  We are doing this through actions such as being more energy efficient, minimising waste and joint actions with Islington Council.


  • Changing to LED lights – these use up to 90% less energy than conventional halogen bulbs and are great for helping reduce energy consumption.
  • Infrared Sensors – used to detect movement in an area enabling lights turn on when someone is present.
  • Building Management System – used to control, monitor adjust operational systems to help reduce energy consumption.
  • Other measures include turning lights off where they are not needed, optimising air & water temperatures and using fresh air cooling.  


  • Time flow push buttons– reduces the risk of taps and showers being left on.


  • Recycling Bins - we have several mixed recycling bins around the centre, we kindly ask that you dispose of waste in the correct bins.
  • Collecting used tennis ball – these go to nurseries, schools, children's homes, animal rescue centres, Dogs Trust, RSPCA, police dogs, guide dogs and armed forces dogs.  *available next door at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym
  • Collecting used sportswear – donate your pre-loved boots, trainers and sportswear at one of the allocated bins.


  • At Market Road Football Pitches we have an Energy & Environmental action plan in place. We regularly review and update the plan with any actions and new ideas. 
  • We are committed to investing in energy saving technology and renewable energy.


  • Reusable Bottles - we have water fountains available for you to fill up your bottle.
  • Use the recycling bins available at the centre.


  • If you wish to cycle we have bike racks available at the front of the centre.   
  • Travel – We are a walking distance from Caledonion Road station and bus stops. Buses which stop nearby are 10,17, 59, 91, 259, 279, 274, 390.