Date posted 21 Jul 2021

Who is ready for a fun filled summer?

We definitely are! Here at better Islington we are providing free swimming lessons to all children living in islington whose summer is just beginning. 

We caught up with a parent who is excited to start her child’s swimming journey with us through these free lessons. 

Meet Yaa Nyark, 

A mother of two whose son, only 8, has never taken swimming lessons before but through these free sessions he has the opportunity to learn a new skill without any financial stress. As well as being a fun activity, swimming is an essential skill to obtain in life and also has major benefits for the body, especially for a young child. Some benefits are: building endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. Furthermore, some mental benefits are: it’s a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise, alleviates stress, improving coordination, balance and posture. As We interview Nyark she emphasises that “It’s very good to at least have the basics down, so that you’re safe in the water. Even if it’s a couple lessons that you know how to at least float in the water, that could save your life or somebody’s life”. 

Nyark believes the free sessions we do will encourage more parents to bring their kids in and are a good introduction because “it will let the child get more interested with the swimming and it’ll prepare the child to be more excited to learn how to swim.” We believe these free lessons will help the child to familiarise themselves with the environment of the pool and become more comfortable in order to potentially take on higher levels of swimming lessons in the future. 

So better your child’s summer with Better free swimming lessons in Islington!