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We are making some changes to the Swim School programme at your swimming pool. We have been revising the way we run our swimming programmes, and taking on board customer feedback at centres in York, we want to ensure that pupils can progress within the same day and similar time slots. No more changing days or times as they progress, providing a simple solution to learning a valuable life skill.

Not only is the new model convenient, using our new team teaching approach enables each pupil to spend more time actively engaged in their lessons. Learning to swim is not only an important life skill but also a fantastic way to improve fitness and wellbeing, so we want each pupil to gain the most from every minute they spend in the pool.

Our priority remains to ensure each pupil learns to be safe in and around water, developing their skills and strokes to become confident swimmers. Our new programme focuses on a clearer set of levels which are linked to the natural and progressive milestones for every pupil to become the best swimmer possible.

Our programme

Below is an outline of our new classes and milestone awards:  

Class Description Current Stage New Milestones
Foundation Teaching the essential swimming skills to ensure pupils learn to be safe in and around water. Learning the basic techniques for all 4 strokes, achieving 10 metres on Front Crawl and Backstroke by the end of the Green milestones. 1, 2, 3, 4



Development Teaching advanced swimming skills, developing techniques on all 4 strokes to create efficient and effective swimmers. Lessons focus on progressing water safety and on a wide range of skills across all aquatic sports. 5, 6, 7 Bronze
Academy Supporting and developing pupils to achieve their own person goals in the pool. Setting personal targets related to challenge award in fitness swimming, personal survival, junior lifesaving and other aquatic sports.  8, 9, 10 Academy
Challenge Awards

As part of our new programme you will see the introduction of our Lead Teachers. Every pool will have a designated Lead Teacher who is responsible for planning enjoyable and progressive lessons, ensuring that each pupil achieves more. Every pupil will be taught to their ability within the class by a team of qualified Teachers and our Lead Teachers will be available to speak to you at the Swimming Lesson Meeting Point at the start and end of lessons to answer any questions you may have.

How will this affect the lessons I have booked?

When does the new programme start?

From Monday 20th April.

Will my current lessons change day or time?

The majority of you will have no disruption to your current lesson time or day. However with the opening of the pool at York Stadium, and as part of the redevelopment of the programme at Energise Leisure CentreYearsley Swimming Pool we have reviewed what we offer to ensure we have a balance of lessons and public access. All customers will receive notification of any change to their existing time.

What happens to the current levels and awards that pupils are working on?

All customers will be transferred to the new class names as outlined in the table above. All pupils will be working to the new milestones from 20th April 2020. Prior to this date Swimming Teacher’s will be working to ensure that any existing awards can be completed. Pupil’s current progress will be updated in the first few weeks of the new programme to reflect what they can achieve against the new milestones.

Will I have the same Swimming Teacher?

All classes will be allocated to a Lead Teacher who will be supported by a team of qualified Swimming Teachers. There may be slight changes to the current Swimming Teachers but you will also have a Lead Teacher as a consistent point of contact to ensure your needs are met.

How will I know if my lesson is affected?

We will be directly contacting all customers between 16th March to 10th April whose lessons are affected to offer a convenient, alternative lesson time and day. Our Swim School team will be happy to accommodate any requests for changes to current times. If you have children attending different times/ days we can offer times where siblings can attend at the same time.

You will be able to view all these changes on your Home Portal, where you will see the new class name, the milestones pupils are working towards, as well as the Lead Teacher who is assigned to the class.

Further information can be found in the FAQ section below.

If you have any questions about these changes please contact us on (for Yearsley) or (for Energise).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Active Learning Time?
A. Active Learning Time is the measurement we use to assess how much movement and engagement takes place in each lesson. Every time a pupil is moving, swimming, receiving feedback or support is classed as active learning. The more active each pupilis the more they should progress.

Q. What is Team Teaching?
A. Team Teaching is an approach used where multiple Swimming Teachers work with a class to ensure that all pupils’ needs are met. Rather than one teacher being responsible for one class, teams are led by our Lead Teachers to ensure that each lesson is flexible and adapted to what each pupil needs to develop. At times pupils will work together as a large class, but then split into smaller ability groups. This approach helps us increase overall active learning.

Q. Will class sizes change?
A. The overall class size, when at capacity, might increase. However, there will be more Swimming Teachers allocated to the class to teach as a team. They will be led by a Lead Teacher ensuring that every pupil receives more attention.

Q. Why are we changing the whole Swim School Programme?
A. Research of a variety of teaching methods, coupled with analysis of our current programme and customer research has led to the testing and development of the new, improved lesson delivery model. We want to ensure we offer a Swim School programme which enables as many people as possible access to affordable, good quality swimming lessons.

Q. What will happen to the progress percentages on Home Portal?
A. All percentages will change inline with the new milestones. Swimming Teachers will ensure all pupils work towards completing any current awards. During the first few weeks of the new programme the Lead Teacher will update assessments inline with our new 50 week scheme of work.

Q. Will Awards still be issued?
A. Yes. All pupils will receive these upon completion of each milestone and also specific distance awards. In addition pupils will receive a swimming hat for each milestone award.

Q. What are milestones awards?
A. Milestones are the stepping stones of the pupil’s journey in the pool. Each milestone relates to stroke development, swimming distances, water safety and challenge awards. Each class milestone award is progressive and ensures your child is best prepared for the next class.

Q. What are Essential Swimming Skills?
A. Pupils will learn how to: Enter & Exit the pool safely. Float unaided in different shapes. Rotate and co-ordinate themselves in the water. Develop propulsion. Learn aquatic breathing and have a good understanding of water safety.

Q. What are Advanced Swimming Skills?
A. Pupils will learn: How to dive from poolside and blocks (where available). Water survival skills. Basic rescue skills. Fitness swimming skills. Water Polo and artistic swimming skills.


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