Date posted 18 Aug 2022

"Have Palette, Will Travel" - 50 Years of Landscape Painting by Terry Scales

 “Many experiences have nurtured a love of landscape painting not least of which was being evacuated as a child during the Second World War to the rural delight of Seaton in Devon so different to industrial Bermondsey. On my return I entered the Junior Department of Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts at age 13 and it was here that many influential tutors shaped and developed this interest into a lifelong passion. These paintings, drawings and prints represent many memories from briefly snatched opportunities on early family holidays abroad to later more leisurely painting holidays in the British Isles with my partner of some 40 years Cristiana Angelini.  Please visit my website for previews, updates and to find out more . I hope you enjoy sharing these memories with me.”

"Meet the Artist" Saturday 27th August 2–4pm FREE ADMISSION

Exhibition ends 17th September 2022