Lily, who trains six days a week at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym did incredibly well to pick up the silver medal in the singles event and she wasn’t done there. With her Mixed Doubles partner, Jonathan Ross, Lily also achieved the runners up place at the games.

The 2017 Special Olympics, which is held from 7th to 12th August is the UK’s largest multi-sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities.  Around 2600 athletes with intellectual disabilities of all ages and abilities came together from across the country and were supported over 6 days of competition by 800 coaches, 1000 volunteers, 200 officials and over 7,000 family & friends.

Lily, who has learning difficulties, contracted meningitis when she was just four days old and spent much of her first few months in Great Ormond Street Hospital. She is now one of the top young players in the country with learning difficulties and is hoping to make it into the British performance squad in the future.

Lily’s mum, Tallulah said: "I'm so proud of Lily, through tennis Lily has found confidence, a strong sense of identity and achievement, and great joy in what she loves and does best."

Lily's coach at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym, Diego Siqueira commented: "Lily has improved exceptionally well over the last year, from a junior player to a strong young adult. I feel honoured to be able to work with such an incredibly talented player at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym and I am sure she will continue to progress over the years to come."

There’s no doubt everyone here at Islington Tennis Centre & Gym is incredibly proud of Lily and her amazing achievements. We’re sure this is just the beginning and we expect to see much more news from Lily in the coming years.

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