Date posted 15 Mar 2022

Meet the Manager Sessions

General Manager, Monique, has been at the centre since the launch in June 2019. She is passionate about the service and is always available to help

"Creating the right environment for customers to reach their desired goals and maintaining high standards in cleanliness and maintenance is always at the forefront of my mind, Gym Walthamstow StadiumĀ is a great gym to belong to and the customers and staff here are so very friendly to be around. There is such a great vibe here and there are so many ways to have fun whilst working out"

Whether you are new to the gym or have been training for years we are here to support and inspire you

Our goals at Gym Walthamstow Stadium

  • Service Excellence
  • Great Customer Care
  • Optimal Cleanliness

What is Service Excellence?

To deliver a service that consistently meets and exceed customer expectations, holding the customer experience in the centre of the vision of the service the delivery

What is Customer Care?

We are always being open to feedback and being proactive when possible to reduce dissatisfaction. There are adaptions to the centre programme to cater to the members, whilst being considerate of all ages and abilities. The team buys into Equality and Diversity in its entirety ensure that any customer can join and find an activity or piece of equipment that is suited to them

How do we achieve Optimal Cleanliness?

We complete regular building walks, seeking out area to improve so that customers will comfortable to workout in a clean environment. The centre provide multiple cleaning stations and sanitiser dispensers to allow customers the authority to ensure the ensure they use are clean. The chemicals we use to clean the facility are proven to be Covid-Secure and increase the safety of all of our visitors. The centre provides clean showers, for all, to encourage good personal hygiene.

We welcome you to hold us to our words and welcome your feedback

The Meet the Manager session will be as follows:-

Saturday 23rd April 11.30am - 12.30am
Sunday 24th April 11.30am - 12.30amĀ 

Hope to see you there!
Better Gym Walthamstow Stadium Management Team