Date posted 21 Apr 2022

During the April school holidays East Manchester responded to the demand of its inflatable session that was every so popular during the February half term. 

In February our 2 sessions in 1 day was just not enough. After the holidays the centre was inundated with requests for "more sessions" as some familes were not able to book on in time before the spaces had sold out. East Manchester and its team did just that, they had offered and additional 3 days and 6 additional sessions. 

One family said "the extra sessions has been amazing, the kids were so upset when we didnt manage to book on last time. The kids loved it but i think the adults had more fun. its a great family day out". 

Even with all the additional sessions the demand seems to have not waivered. Keep a look out for the bookings coming in the future and get booked in early. 

Save the link below to book your session.