Do you want your child following the footsteps of inspirational Sports Personality of the Year, Geraint Thomas? Well you can do just that on the exact same track that Geraint himself trained on with Maindy Centre’s brand new cycling course starting this year.

We have four different courses available to cover all abilities, all led by Welsh Cycling and Better Maindy Centre accredited coaches and just £3.70 per session:

  • Beginners – Balance Bikes
  • Beginners Level 1 – Can’t Ride Won’t Ride
  • Beginners Level 2 – Learn to Ride
  • Better Go Ride

Keep scrolling to find out exactly what each course includes:

Beginners - Balance Bikes

This session is for young children aged 2-5, who will have fun scooting around in a safe environment! Balance bikes are fantastic for developing children’s balance and basic skills to help them learn to ride alone quicker than using traditional stabilisers.

Over a few sessions, riders will be able to ‘scoot’ along quickly and, with practice, lift their legs off the ground. Each child will gain skills and confidence at different paces, but we look for children to be able to lift their feet of the ground and hold a straight line for around 5/6 seconds to make the next step, riding a bike with pedals – simple!

Children are welcome to use our new range of Frog Tadpole balance bikes and use our helmets, or you can bring your own!

When: Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm, bike hire included.

Beginners Level 1 – Can’t Ride Won’t Ride

This session is for younger children who want to use their own bike with pedals to have fun scooting around in a safe environment! Using their own bike we will develop children’s balance and basic skills to help them learn to ride alone quicker.

We put our balance bike riders and can’t ride wont ride riders together over a few sessions and using the same coaching skills we develop them into the next level which is Learn to Ride.

When: Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm

Beginners Level 2 – Learn to Ride

For children aged 4+ years. After children gain confidence balancing and holding a straight line, we move them onto pedals.

Taking the coach’s advice, the child will try the pedal bike for themselves with the coach supporting alongside. Once riding, the coach will teach them how to start all by themselves, then they can practice with parents while the coach supports other riders. The assistant coach will be on hand to ensure riders follow all they have been taught so far.

The process of moving from balance to pedals takes about 5 minutes per rider with one to one coaching, and the coach will be able to gauge when a child is ready and when to keep practicing on the balance bike. Riders must be confident on a balance bike or with their own pedal bike to take part in these sessions. We provide helmets, balance bikes and pedal bikes for this session, but children are welcome to bring their own.

When: Tuesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm (bike and helmet hire included)

Better Go Ride

This session is aimed at more confident riders aged 8 years+. Riders will enjoy more advanced coaching on bike control. This will include how to ride around corners, brake at different speeds, how to start and stop and have fun riding around a specific obstacle course focusing on a different skill set each week.

Children will have the opportunity to gain stickers and certificates, rewarding their cycling achievements.

When: Thursdays 4.30pm-5.30pm bike and helmet hire included

For further details about the course and information on how to get your child signed up, please contact the centre via email