Date posted 11 Nov 2020

Amy was referred to the Healthwise Team at the start of February and after an initial consultation with her doctor and the team it was discovered that Amy was pre diabetic. At seventeen stone, Amy was also experiencing severe back pain.

 For six weeks the team worked together with Amy and helped her lose a stone in weight, coming to the gym at Girdwood Community Hub three times a week and also doing the Healthwise Monday morning class. However, with the pandemic restricting operations and the introduction of lockdown, any further progress with the Healthwise team had to be put on pause.

Never a group to give up, the Healthwise team began introducing again walking groups with their clients and Amy was the first person to put her name down for the Shankill/Girdwood group.

Since September Amy has been back with us and was able to keep physically active three times a week with the socially distanced lay out in the Girdwood gym and the Wednesday afternoon health class.

In five weeks she’s lost a further eight pounds and determined to get down to fourteen stone by Christmas.

On Monday 5th October Amy’s doctor said she’s no longer pre diabetic!

Come along meet Carlos in the gym at Girdwood, whether you are a current or new member and we will devise a tailor made programme for you to start your journey today!

 Be like Amy!