Date posted 03 Jun 2022

Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre is hosting the Northern Ireland Lifeguard Championships on 24th August 2022. This event is intended to promote swimming pool safety and will enable Lifeguards to showcase their professional skills. It will also provide an opportunity for teams to compete for the title of Northern Ireland Lifeguard Champions. Each competing centre will enter a team of 4 competitors. This is the first time Belfast has been able to hold this event since 2019 following the Covid-19 Pandemic and the team at Lisnasharragh can’t wait to host this for the first time since the centre opened.

The format of the competition consists of 3 elements to test lifeguards in their skills and knowledge. The first test will be dry side incidents where the lifeguards must work as a team to deal with a variety of scenarios which may include customer incidents, first aid, CPR and anything else that may happen at work. The second test will be a wet side scenario where teams must work together to deal with incidents they may encounter around the pool. Finally, teams will be tested on their knowledge with a multiple choice paper where the individual score of each team will be combined.

The first iteration of the Northern Ireland Lifeguard Championships came about in 2017 following the launch of the new Olympia Leisure Centre that year. The competition has grown since then with teams across Northern Ireland coming to compete. Former winners include Banbridge Leisure Centre and the Valley Leisure Centre who have won on the last two occasions.

Lisnasharragh Leisure Centre opened in December 2019 as the Aquatics Centre for Belfast and has been one of Better’s most popular and best used facilities ever since. Since opening, it has been a hub for all aquatic events in Belfast and this year has the honour of hosting this prestigious event.

This August, we will find out which centre has Northern Ireland’s top lifeguarding team. Good luck to everyone involved!